When a guy asks if you secretly love them?

If a guy asked a girl if she secretly loved him, and he seemed to be joking around with her, but you could tell there was a hint of seriousness in it, what is he trying to get at?

Say these two people kind of have a fling, and they work together, but no one at work knows.. and so these two people are working together and the guy was talking to the girl and stuff and flirting with her just like casually idk.. and then out of the blue he goes "you secretly love me don't you?" Like what does that mean?

I know people say stuff like sarcastically like oh "you know you love me." but I feel like what he said is kinda different.. like was he just messing around? or was he like half joking but somewhat trying to see how the girl would react like to see if she actually has feelings for him? like would a guy only say that if he knew the girl liked him or does this all mean nothing?


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