Can I date if I am meant to remain single/never get married?

Hi! Yes, I am young (21F), but ever since I was young, I have had this incredible desire to remain single. I believe that if I stay single, I can focus on serving God and being at church, whereas if I get married and have a family, I'll be more focus on them instead of doing what I love: being at church and volunteering.
Ever since I turned 21, my mom and aunt have been speaking with me about marriage and boys. I've had my crushes, admittedly, but never felt anything strong enough to make a move or go on a date. I have rejected several men, not only because of lack on interest, but none of them were Catholic.
There is finally a Catholic gentlemen who is possibly interested in me. My mom and aunts have been wanting me to dress more girly, try new hairstyles and be nice to him, in hope that he asks me out. I would give him a chance, but I just don't know if it's right.
I know dating a person doesn't mean I will marry that person, but is it wrong of me to date someone without the intention of ever getting married OR should he ask me out, I accept and see if this is what God really wants for my life?
Can I date if I am meant to remain single/never get married?
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