Guy, Girl+ Coffe= date?

I was seen having coffee with a guy. And was asked by a bunch of people if I was on a date. I was actually having a meeting. Is it possible for two people- a man and a woman- to have coffee and it not be a date?


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  • Sure, but I think the real question is "Can a man and woman have coffee and not LOOK like they're on a date?" I think it's highly dependent on who's looking, but let's be honest, most people think about love, dating and sex a lot of the time, and frankly when most people see a man and woman together, they assume it's a couple.

    • That's very true. One of the people then said to me "he is cute"

    • Yeah, that's another good point, when someone is taken (and you both looked taken since you were sitting together) they seem way more attractive to other people, like they're pre-approved you know - "She wanted him/He wanted her so she/he must be great."

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  • yeah it is

    it depends on the mentality of the people who thinks like that

    better don't respond to those who do not understand you

    it is possible to have a friendly call for a coffee


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  • unless the guy and girl said it was a date, it's not a date.

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