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I went on the 4th date with a girl I really like. We had a great time laughed and talked for hours, but up until this point I still hadn't kissed her so I knew I had to go for it. I did but got a brief closed mouth kiss. Should I be worried she's not into it? It is only the first kiss, so maybe I'm getting carried away, but usually when a girl and I kiss (for the first time) it's like a full make out session. I felt some restraint on her part, I kissed her once and followed it up with another closed mouth kiss. I know she had a great time because we were smiling the entire night, but she didn't send me a text after the date to let me know she had a great time as usual. I don't have a problem if she likes to take things slow. I'm just curious if I should be concerned I guess. What are people's opinions? She gave me the "eye" a few times and I felt like I made the right choice in finally going for it, but am a little insecure.


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  • I am insanely shy about kissing she might have felt insecure about her technique, her breath, or like princess said she just wasn't ready for a kiss or she may have been afraid it would lead to something more that she wasn't ready for. If you've been going out and having great dates and there's a chemistry between you it will happen when the moments right. Does she know these are romantic dates? I know it sounds ridiculous but some people are dense so have you told her how you feel? Has she told you how she feels? Did you come on too aggressively? Or did you approach with a lack of confidence?

    • Hello, yes very true. I hope she knows they're romantic! I have offered, and paid for dinner on 2 occasions. Plus every time we hang out it's just us, so if she doesn't get the picture I don't know what to do. I'm not going to tell her how I feel this early. That's been the death of my other early relationships. I didn't come off aggressive at all. Waiting 4 dates to get a kiss I think is a pretty long time. I also wouldn't say it was lack of confidence.

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    • Thanks. I felt like my timing was a bit off, maybe caught her off guard. I should of kissed her while we were dancing. Our eyes were locked and it would've been perfect. I guess I'll just ask her if we can hang out again, and if she says yes, I think things will be good. If she says no, then I'll have my answer. Maybe not try to kiss her again unless I know for sure it's all good.

    • When you get those special moments like you had on the dance floor those are best, don't force it. Just ask her normally I am sure she'll say yes if not her loss because you see very nice =)

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  • I've liked my boyfriend for years and we just started dating this year. He's liked me for a really long time too, but it took us MONTHS before our first kiss because we both wanted to take things really slow because we are also great friends (plus we are both big chickens ;) So I'm going to go with she was just shy and didn't want to do anything wrong that would turn you off, that's what I was always scared of. And about when you did finally kiss her, our first kiss wasn't anything great either because well, it was the first one. It took time to get used to each others way of kissing, but practicing wasn't anything to complain about ;)

    • Did you know after the first kiss if it was a success? I guess it's a little easier for you since he is probably that went in for the kiss.

      I'm not sure if it was really appreciated. We are really good as friends but I think I had to make a step because I would regret not doing anything if I hadn't.

    • It wasn't a very good first kiss, but the success of it was that it made kissing something that we were ready for and it has allowed us to have a lot better kisses because we aren't hesitant anymore. If you aren't sure, ask her. That's the only way to really know, and if you are great friends I'm sure that she'll tell you what she was thinking :)

  • maybe she was just not ready to kiss you that's all.

    • Yeah maybe. I feel bad pressuring her if she didn't want to but I really didn't know (and still don't). After 4 dates seems like not that big of a deal, right?

    • no. I'm sure it meant a lot to her. She just want to take everything slow. So don't rush.

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