Why doesn't he take the initiative?

he broke up with his girlfriend 4 months ago...i was speaking to him recently and he said to me /if girls want to make offers who am I to say no' what did he mean by this I'm confused?

why doesn't he take the initiative? do you think he's not over his ex and that's why he's not bothered?


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  • He's been hit on and has a spine of flavored gelatin.

    He's over his ex, and plays with the freedom.

  • I'm sort of confused by this question. If I'm reading it right, I guess he's trying to hint at you that he's "open for business" so to speak. He might be wanting you to make a move just to see if you are interested in him, because he might be wary over the breakup.

    But I can't say for sure on any of this, that's just how I read it.

    • hey thanks for the reply one question though...what do you mean by being wary over the break up?

    • by der way he's a confident guy he's not shy if that helps lol

    • After his breakup, he might be a little cautious around new relationships because the feelings from the breakup are fresh in his mind. So he might be treading lightly until he recovers from his situation with his ex.

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