Why doesn't he call?

So we've been together for 15 months. In the beginning he used to call all the time now its sporadically like once or twice a week. He says "from the bottom of my heart I want to phone but I always get distracted" and I know when he falls asleep its like 5 sec flat so I don't know why it bothers me so much when he doesn't call. he's the busiest man I've ever met owns two companies,in charge of building a sky train in western Canada. I guess I shouldn't let it bother me so much but I start to wonder will a relationship (long distance) last with two phone calls a week and a lot of texting... oh and by the way I do phone him he just usually doesn't answer.


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  • Long distance relationships can be hard; but it can be done. You have been together for 15 months, that's over a year so give yourself some credit. If you have been having a relationship all this time and it's mostly over phone calls and texting, then I have to give you props for that.

    You said that he owns two companies, one of which he is in charge of building the sky train in Canada. That takes dedication and hard work. Give him some slack if he really is doing so much in his work life. I know couples who hardly speak to each other and they live together; but they still love the other. Give it some time and give him some room to work. For what you have said, I believe that you two will be together for a long time.

    Do not worry so much about not talking all the time. You can text and email him; leave loving messages and it will all work out.

    Good luck!