Would it scare her off if I messaged her?

(I asked this before but got no replies so I have shortened it. I would really appreciate some advice.)

I found a girl on a dating website and we would be perfect for each other but she hasn't logged on since April 11th. I found her formspring by googling her username so would if be too stalkerish if I anonymously told her she has a new message on the dating site?

Normally I would wait but I have a date coming up so I would prefer not to lead this other girl on if I end up going out with the girl from the dating site...plus it would suck if she got a boyfriend before reading my message.

idea: I anon ask her on formspring: have you ever used a dating site before?

yes? no?


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  • Have you messaged her on the dating website? If not, just message her there and leave it at that. Be patient. April 11th wasn't SO long ago, she is probably busy with finals or something like that for the time being. I think it would be a little much if you found her on the other website, like I would question it a little bit. Not because I think it's inherently weird but because it's just something you can't help since this is online dating.

    • Yeah I feel ya. I just want to talk to her so badly because we like the same...everything ha ha and she's super cute and I almost exactly fit the description of guys she likes so I'm just really impatient. I don't want to just sit back and wait and end up losing her to another guy because I didn't try, you know?

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    • Well I don't believe they're laid out for us, but I tend to not hold the reigns as tight I guess :P

      And good luck to you! Hope it works out

    • thanks! hopefully my plan will work haha

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  • I Think it would be a little stalkerish. But how about you tell her on formspring on anonymous.. Why don't you log in on that website anymore? Ten she might get curious and check it. She has no way of finding out it was you.

    • hmmm well she has a lot of anon random guys that she doesn't know on her formspring asking her out and telling her she's hot and saying they want to do stuff to her. so what if I acted like one of those guys and said I saw her profile on that site and I want to (insert inappropriate comment here) her. Then she might go check it out again (probably to shut it down lol) and hopefully see my message. Sound like a good plan or should I just stop freaking out about it? lol

    • Lol well maybe you shouldn't p*ss her off. Just say I saw your profile I think you are very pretty too bad you don't get online anymore.

    • yeah that's what I was planning on doing in the first place. However I thought that it would be pretty obvious that it's me since I just messaged her a couple days ago.

  • I would not do that. That's just creepy.


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