Is it okay that my boyfriend hangs out with his chick friend that likes him?

So my boyfriend met a girl a few months ago and they are now pretty good friends. He says she's cool and what not. We all found out that this girl (whom I've never met and know nothing about) likes him and has liked him for a while.. Is it okay that he hangs out with her knowing she likes him, or will that lead to disaster and even develop into him getting feelings for her resulting in cheating..?

Also, their friendship is not really in front of me. I've never met this girl, they work together , and I've never seen them together before, but my other friend has, who works with them.


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  • ya I don't think it's OK either...I've been there before...You trust your boyfriend I suppose I mean you trust him not to cheat on you...I did too and that's not wrong...But you don't trust her..She may come over him or try to kiss him or anything like that...And you know guys once they're in this situation they can't control themselves..So I say talk to him and get him to understand your point...He better stay away from her just to avoid troubles ...And if he had no problem to stop hanging out with her...Then he didn't catch any feelings and you'll be ok...Just don't forget about it and leave them this way.. Good luck.

    • He always defends her and doesn't want to stop talking to her. He talks to her behind my back, I found that out..So basically lied :l Could there be something going on? Why would he feel the need to have to lie..?

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    • Thanks<3

    • anytime :)..and good luck <3

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  • No, that is not okay at all. What if it was the other way around and you were hanging out with a guy who liked you, I'm sure he wouldn't like it at all...He needs to stop hanging out with her because he may could eventually catch feelings also.if I was in that situation I would tell mi boyfriend that he can't hang out with her,she could try to kiss him,etc. and temptation can be hard at times

  • Honestly I'm in a similar situation myself, and I'm not very comfortable with it. However I understand that forbidding him to see her would ultimately damage our relationship and make him think that I had lost my trust in him. My best advice is to focus on the fact that he does not have romantic feelings for her, and do your best to trust him and his judgement. Good luck!

    • I assume that he does a bit..he defends her and talks to her behind my back when telling me he doesn't talk to her anymore..