I don't want to look like a fool. Men I really need advice..what would you think?

here is this guy, who I have a crush on but I never spoke to him. I would sit near him and would see him starring at me and whenever I would go to smile or say hi he would play it off, or freeze/look away fast. It didn't happen all the time. But he never spoke to me he sorta just did his own thing besides looking at me. Now its summer ( uni over) I was thinking of adding him on facebook but I don't want to come off creepy. Like him being like **** there that girl who would sit near me in class all the time.. I think she likes me. and I just come off as a stage five clinger when we Haven't really met. I mean he knows I am in his class, and we have a friend in common. But besides that I don't want to look like a fool. I mean the worst he could do is ignore me. But what do you guys think.. if you were that guy or just in general.. would that do more harm then good adding him. Or Hopefully bumping into him next year and actually growing a few and starting a convo. I just heard this guy a jerk/arrogant and sticks with his friends and that's good enough for him. you know?

Advice please


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  • add him he won't think its creepy or maybe a little.But if a girl added me on Facebook and told me she liked me I would like that alot. just do it so you don't regret anything

    • im not sure I am going to tell him I like him right away. Ikinda just want to add him first and see what happens.. is it really that creepy.

    • no its not creepy, its pretty hot

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