I don't know what to text him!

I just remembered about an ex-coworker I used to flirt with, he and I sporadically used to text each other but he's not too good with texting (he only got it a couple months ago for the first time).

We had some mad chemistry/tension at work and over text but he always randomly stopped texting me. I've forgotten about it because I felt like he was too much work, but now I feel like texting him and I have no idea what to say!

Any suggestions? It's been a month or two since we've talked. I'm not too worried about being the first to make a move since it makes no difference to me whether this works out.


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  • you: "so did you ever figure out the whole texting thing?"

    him: "yeah haha"

    you: "i bet your good with your fingers"

    him: "i can be over in 10"

    you: "make it 5"

    • LOL. Don't I wishhhhh. He's way too shy for that. You should see the color of his cheeks any time I make anything even close to a sexual innuendo. Freaking LOVE it. But I'm def. the man in the "relationship" but the first line is a good idea, thanksssss

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    • Haha, that's cute. I'll have to think that one over. I don't know what the dude's deal is, he just fell off the face of the planet two months ago after texting me for the first time and sustaining a conversation for more than like a second. I don't know if he's actually painfully shy or just bullsh*tting me. I mean I have good reason to believe he's shy, but I've "heard things" about him at work. Either way I'm only txting him to avoid writing my paper, but I don't want to feel like an ass ...

    • For something tamer you could just say

      "so did you decide what pet name you want to be called?"

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