Where to find good men?

I'm 18 but very inexperienced relationship wise. I know my inexperience can cause problems and may cause people to think I don't know what I want, but I have an idea. I'll describe myself first then let you all know. I'm 5'3 and weigh 131 lbs brown eyes, brown curly hair that I straighten sometimes and I'm brown skinned because I am mixed. I like reading and I guess I'm more of a homebody but I do enjoy going out. I admit I can be a bitch but overall I'm nice. I dress conservatively and I'm a virgin and would prefer to lose it to a virgin guy. I'm looking for a good guy that I could be in a relationship with, who will love me vice versa and would never cheat on me.

Since I'm not so outgoing I don't go for outgoing guys so I'm really fine with shy or quiet guys! I just want a guy who is not all about sex and wants a meaningful relationship. I'm not picky about looks, I do have to find him attractive but what is attractive to me may not be what everyone else likes.

Where do I find good guys?


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  • The problem with those guys is they don't typically go out; they stay at home for the same reasons you usually do. But you see guys at school, and you see them at work, and you know darn well that you know which ones are shy or less than confident around women. Those are almost always the good guys, who haven't figured out how to deal with women yet.

    TALK TO THEM. Yes, I know you're shy and not outgoing, but find the courage to talk to them. The risk is VERY LOW, but you have to do SOMETHING to let some of these guys know that an actual real girl is interested in them, and, maybe, just maybe, might say "yes" if the guy were to ask her out. These guys are too afraid of rejection to ask a girl out unless there are some clear signs that she'll say yes.

    If you have to, resort to the Jr High trick of talking to their friends, and let them know that if [guy you like] asks you out, you'll say yes. That's what the popular girls did back then; they're just a few years ahead of you. :)

    You're smart enough to know that the "popular" crowd isn't looking for the same thing you are, so that's not who you want. But at your age, the "good guys" don't YET have the confidence to initiate things very often, so you'll have to help them along.

  • Ur gonna have to talk to them.


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