Why can't guys look you in the eye when they talk to you, if they like you?

Simple question, just something I don't really understand.

There is this guy who I work with. He gets along really well with all my workmates and I and id consider us to be friends, even though I'm pretty sure he's had a crush on me for years. Whenever we talk one on one, things are fine, yet when another 1 or 2 workmates step into the conversation, his eyes dart back and forth between theirs, completely skipping over me, or only looking at me for half a second. Or sometimes he will focus his attention on someone else, and I feel totally left out of this conversation.

Basically I just want to know why some guys do this? I don't really understand.. As dumb as it is it sorta hurts me a little, so I'm wanting to get some clarity so I won't be so offended next time it happens.. Thanks!


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  • Crushes don't last years. And if that's what you think, why does it seem like there were absolutely no advances made from any sides?

    It's a group conversation. Of course he looks at everyone else as well.

    Also, if he's fine in one-on-one convos then he's not nervous.

    • Well he HAS had a crush on me for years, its only just now that we're properly talking and getting to know each other. And I'm not saying he's nervous, I just don't understand how he can talk to me fine in one on one conversations, but with others in the conversation, its like I'm not included the way he avoids eye contact with me. That's the part I'm asking about.

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  • where is he from? where I come from, this is called modesty, or having great respect for you! (or when he looks at you, he gets desires, and might be trying to avoid those desires)

  • Are you sure he likes you to start with because if he's fine one on one then he's not nervous or anything around you

    • yeah he does! Which is why I'm confused!

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    • Im definitely not the type to get up in someones face.. He's fine talking to other girls in a group, but he completely skims over me.

    • I'm trying to help you understand that it means less than what you think it means.

      It's NORMAL from a male perspective to speak side by side.

  • When guy friends get together and talk, it's mostly side by side, not face to face like women.


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