Would you date a girl if she played Pokemon?

I'm 16 years old and I still play Pokémon.

No I am not gross, ugly, weird or a combination of the three.

I just enjoy playing Pokémon.

If a girl you were interested in played Pokémon would you still date her or instantly lable her as a geek/nerd?

Haha thanks guys I have a boyfriend and I'm not insecure about it I just wanted to know if guys out there would be shallow enough to not date a girl just because of that.


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  • Shit I'm 19 and I still play pokemon every now and then. Blue version baby.. I don't think playing an awesome game can be enough to be labled.. but even still.. nerd or geek doesn't mean not attractive.. also... if you like someone what does it matter.. so to answer... yea id date a girl into that


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  • I'm 25 and I still fanboy over this stuff. If you like it like it the hell what others think!

  • hell yeah and I guess we can both have something in common before we even get to know more about each other

    thanks so great and don't judge yourself about your looks maybe you the best good looking you never know


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