Should I always try to start conversation with my boyfriend when he doesn't?

my boyfriend goes to community college, and I;m high school senior. We see each other about once or twice a week. Every night we would skype and webcam. But during the day he doesn't really talk to me, unless I call him or text him.

We have been together for about a month and a half, in the beginning he would always text me through out the day, and would call me at night when I don't answer on skype.. but now we don't talk as much as we used to, I guess we kinda ran out of topics, don't know what to talk about...

I'm always confused if I should text him during the day when I'm in school or whenever I miss guys get annoyed when the girl keeps on starting conversations with them first? should I keep on calling him every morning when I get to school? should I be the one who starts the text? or should I just chill and wait till night time when he goes on skype, and starts to talks to me?


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  • I know it really gets on your nerve when guys do that , but guess what your nat the only one me facing same problem, he never answers when I text him he barly do but he calls later at night if I'm not online, we talk mostly through online and I kinda get bored from it but now I'm plannin to change I'm not gona text him or even call unless he did!

    anywho Good Luck sweety and hope some guys will answer why do guys do that in your Question.

    Me wana knw too :D