What's going on?

is it really that hard for men to resist hot girls? that dress half naked?

Of course I'm not as good as them, I'm ugly. so that means I won't find anyone. I know lots of hot girls who are nice. so it's a win win situation for men.

cause all guys wanna do bad things to them and guys dont date them cause they dont want the girls to run off. So, I'm the settle for less girl you date when you can't find a hot girl. lol whatever. I fucking dont like men anyways, they are all the same. they dont want a ugly fucker like me. Men are trash ladies, that's all they want. Who will they look at when they are h0rny? hot women. a good personality doesn't turn a guy on, when you get old. he will want a young girl. Just give it time, it will happen.

And I actually believed a guy for me existed, lol. that's the funniest shit I've ever thought of. Too bad I'll be single, and never get to experience being a mom and a wife. He will just get bored of how I look and leave eventually. after we have kids, when I get boring. More boring than I am now. True love is bullshit. My heart ached for a good man, but I see everyone around me getting them. I'm just the ugly fucker who gets nobody. lmfao, and I was so stupid to think he existed.

Nobody denied it so it must be true. Love doesn't exist. I'm just feeling so down? So what do I do?
What's going on?
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