Grief how long to wait to start talking to someone?

I was seeing a girl for 2 months that I really liked. We were messaging almost everyday hundreds of texts a week and would spend 10-20 hours a week hours video chatting. She drove 2 hours to come see me 3 separate times and stayed at my place for several days each time. Then about a month and a half ago her aunt who had been battling with cancer for the last year was in her last days. This aunt was like a parent to her and she just went silent when they gave her days to live. Her aunt passed away early June and I haven't heard for her since even though I can still see she is active on Facebook all the time. I have sent her messages keeping her updated in my life and let her know I am there for her for whatever but haven't recieved any response. I know that it is really hard losing a loved one but she spent lots of time with her before she pasted and knew it was coming. I was thinking by now she would have at least sent a message and have started thinking there is more to the reason she is not responding. So my question is how is reasonable to give someone your interested in to deal with major grief and be out of communication?
Grief how long to wait to start talking to someone?
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