Am I cursed with dating (serious question)?


So I will say that I do feel like my dating life is cursed. Why do I say that? I’m in my twenties and have yet to have a long term relationship in my life. I have tried almost every dating app, I’m told I’m pretty but have yet to find a good man. Almost every woman I know has men lined up to date them. Why is this never the case for me? I’ve taken the approach to message the men first on the apps. What happens? They either never respond, stop responding after a while or take forever to respond. I have more of an outcome when the guy initiates first. It usually goes as follows: the ones I want don’t want me back and the ones I don’t want pursue me. I feel like there’s something either wrong with me (am I not as attractive as I’m told?) or the men around are horrible.
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Am I cursed with dating (serious question)?
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