Is he playing games, & if so why?

So this dude I recently stopped dating called me last night claiming he had a missed call from me asking if I called. I told him no & we got off the phone. He obviously made it up 2 have an excuse 2 contact me. a couple hours later I texted him saying THERE'S NO WAY you HAD A MISSED CALL FROM ME.. WHY DID you REALLY CALL ME? and he never responded...

I don't know much about games cause I don't play em.. From a mans view, what is he trying to do?


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  • I have contacted girls I used to date for the purpose of seeing them again. And I have done so for two reasons.

    1) Sometimes I felt I or they never gave this a chance and tried to pursue some sort of contact.

    2) Sex.

    He might as well have other reasons for contacting you, but I believe the above-mentioned are two good guesses.


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  • Not a guy but he just wanted to check on you.

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