What do you do when a girl is obsessed with you and you don't like her?

My best friend (Abby) is OBSESSED with this guy (Phillip) and he doesn't like her. He has told her that he doesn't like her but she just won't listen he likes this other girl (Sierra) and she likes him---They can't date because Sierra and Abby are best friends. He doesn't like Abby and doesn't know how else to tell her, he has been nice about it and told her, he's also been mean about it. Either way it doesn't work. She just won't listen. Every little thing about him makes her cry. She won't givee up on him, but she needs too.


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  • She's in a state of delusion where she honestly believes that acting like a pathetic, whiney baby is going to get a guy to fall in love with her.

    She probably doesn't even realize what she looks like, video tape her and show her. Then tell her all the wonderful things about her and why she is worth more than any guy's opinion.

    She has some deeply rooted insecurity issues she needs to deal with.

    If you are Sierra, I would recommend not dating Phillip because that would hurt your friend. You probably won't end up with him, put your friend first and help her deal with her problems. You can't help her if you have the attention of the person of her obsession.


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  • He's going to get to the point of ignoring her if she keeps on.

    • he's already there. she sent him a 6 page text bout how she felt the other day. she won't leave him alone, he don't know what to do.

    • tell him to change his number and stay away from her..she's not going to give in so best thing to do is just hide from her sad but true

    • he can't do that. she sits with him everyday. and we can't move once we sit down,