What are my ex's intentions?

My ex and I dated for about a year. We had this instant connection, or as he put it, there was something about me that he couldn't explain. he was adorable, probably everything I wanted in someone I found in him. he was also jealous, and insecure from his past girlfriend cheating. He got me a ring, a promise ring, right after he got out of basic training. randomly, on the spot one day. I liked it at first, then I kinda freaked out, because I wondered if this is the person I wanted to spend eternity with. we eventually broke up. we still talked every now and again, dated other people. fast forward to now. I want to get back together. He calls me randomly a couple weeks ago, to come over. We talked about things, he said he misses me and what not..and after talking for a couple hours we are intimate..even when sleeping we cuddle and hold hands. What I'm confused about is the fact he says he can't give me his full heart. He regrets sleeping with the people he slept with after the break up (more so in the past 5-6 months). He said he just didn't like being alone. I guess I don't understand the meaningless sex thing. y have sex with easy girls, who you never see yourself dating, and hold on to me. I know I hurt him because he gave his everything to me and I gave it back. Also, I don't think he forgave me for this thing I did when we were dating. I sent one of my guy friends a couple inappropriate pics, which he found out after going through my phone. Also, I dated about 2 weeks after we broke up..which lasted like 2 weeks and we spent 3 days of it actually together..so it was more like a rebound. I guess I'm confused of y he hangs on, when in the past he says it hurts. y does he give me so much one minute..and the next get upset because I get jealous why he hangs out with someone he has previously slept with.? what is the point? is it his way of coping? does he care about me at all? ..or is he trying to hurt me like I did him? Ik he cares, I can see it in his eyes, and the way he kisses me


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  • There is no "guy language" here. You f***ed him up. His emotional tolerance wasn't high to begin with so he doesn't know what to do with his own feelings.

    • I know guys tend to hold there feelings in. And I really appreciate your advice. but how do I change that. I know we were both insecure people. But why does he seek out girls once in a while, yet still hold on to me. I know it hurts to see me, he told me that in the past. But when we are together it doesn't seem like that really phazes him. He doesn't seem like it hurts to see me, and whatnot, not as much as I know it hurts to see him. And what does it mean, when he says he can't give me full heart

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    • Seeing as I like Apocalypta, I probably have. I don't remember song names well.

    • I love them as well=]. It is a new song, with Brent Smith...i think you will like it!

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