He is not that interested or playing games?

Hello. First I wanna apologize for my English as it is not perfect.
So I date this guy for more than a month but we are not exclusive at all. We’ve known each other for almost a year and recently started seeing each other again. It was great, no doubt that he wouldn’t be interested. by the way no I didn’t sleep with him. But few days ago he texted me when we are going to see each other again. I said that I am free on Thursday and Friday. So we set up a date for Thursday. On Thursday he texted that the weather outside is not good (we were supposed to go to one place which is located outside), even though the weather was good. I texted back that I think the weather is not bad. Then he started to talk about something else. I ignored him for few minutes and he started to text me to not ignore him. I said i’m not ignoring him but if he had other plans he should say it right away. He texted me then that if I would be mad if we can go out tomorrow (Friday) . He said that I am going to be mad and won’t go out with him ever again. So i said that we will go out on Friday then. On Thursday I even posted a pic on my IG and he didn’t even give a like to it. So on Friday we were supposed to go around 4 p. m. but I didn’t get any text at all on that day. Not even another lame excuse. He probably got another “better” plans to do. But I don’t understand why he would act so insecure and set up another date if he wouldn’t be interested at all. Is he trying to lead me on? Or is he doing it on purpose to see my reaction? Or Should i let him go
He is not that interested or playing games?
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