Open relationship advice?

First post here, I hope I can get some decent advice😶
So I (m21) have been dating my girlfriend (26) for 3 years now. We are living together and everything is pretty much perfect, nice studies, nice friends, etc

Except for the sex part. She has a really low sex drive and is pretty vanilla. That wasn't the case when we first dated, but this has become an issue recently, as I have a huge sex drive and am a lot more adventurous. Trying to find solutions for this issue, she proposed me to have sex with other girls as long as she wasn't made aware of that.

I was really reluctant first but I am now considering this option. I would really like your opinion, is it a good overall idea? Is she just saying that to please me? Would she be tempted to try and discover who I am sleeping with?

The open relationship concept is fine to me, I am just unsure about her honesty and she really wants me to do that.

Kind of a long take, but thanks a lot for reading !
Open relationship advice?
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