Ladies, would you date a co-worker?

Say you've been friends for about 3 years, been attracted to each other ever since, but never thought of seeing each other because you were in a relationship or even married, but you as the woman are just coming out of a relationship or in the process of finalizing your divorce. The only thing is that the guy you're attracted to has slept with other women on your floor and you know about it, but there was an agreement between him and the other women, no strings attach and you work right across from him. Another thing is you've kind of talked and in the process had sex with the guy, but at the same time you're not looking for anything serious right now. Would you still date you your co-worker?

Another thing the guy also tells you that, he doesn't care about the other women he slept with because he there was an agreement and that he really cares about you and can't stop thinking about you, would you believe him? And if the other females tell you negative things about him, do you listen to them or do you follow your emotions/heart?


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  • well if the other girls told me he said the same thing to them, about thinking about them blah blah then no I wouldn't ... (but if he was hot I would just have a little bit of fun with him and make sure I don't get attached more of a sex thing because it would be hot with a co-worker)

    but if it does really appear that he really likes you and the others were just a bit of fun...why not go for it? you only live once, and getting hurt and let down is a part of life...which you learn if your not looking for anything serious you have a less chance of getting hurt...


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