My boyfriend hasn't called or texted me for 4 days should I text him do you think something's wrong?

My boyfriend hasn't texted or called for 4 days his dad just moved back so I don't know if he's just spending time with him or what. Should I text him I haven't texted him at all?


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  • why don't you just call him? that way the text won't go astray. you could even just ask how things are going with his dad back.

    • Sometimes where he is he doesn't get service so he doesn't get calls

    • any texts he sends might not get through either.

    • Maybe but it normally does

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  • Why would be afraid to text him?

    • I don't want to seem to clingy or bother him

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    • So is it bad that he hasn't contacted me?

    • In my opinion, it is. Wouldn't he know that you would be worried or want to talk to him? Or it could be that something beyond his control happened , either way the only way to find out is to contact him yourself. Go for it, girl, what is the worst that can happen?