Do guys always have to pay for it to be a date or for them to "like" you not for just one thing?

So this guy that I like is really confusing me. We have been hanging out and going on dates for about a month. He would drive and pay. Then, I got impatient and asked him what we were doing. He told me he just wanted to be friends, so I backed off. Then, he started texting me and would come visit me at work. Well, we finally hung out again last Saturday. We went for drinks and he only paid for half. But, he took me to the beach afterward and kissed me. I'm just confused. He doesn't make a lot of money, but my dating books say that guys should always pay. If they can't afford it, they'll have to find more creative with their ways to hang out.


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  • he might not have read that book...this is real life...


  • I HAVE to pay for it to be a date. Last time I went on a date she wanted to pay for her own stuff, I couldn't staaaaand it.

    If I take you out, the day is on me, don't act like I can't.

    But all guys are different though, some must pay, some don't care who pays and some prefer not to spend too much.


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