Does anybody else feel humbled by this?

It’s a bad thing that the world has come to this now, but now it’s almost rare to actually even meet somebody who still holds to their gender pride.
My example: Honestly, after having been on GAG for the past year, I’ve become to where I am more humbled when a gentleman talks to me. I’ve always appreciated it and have always been one to demand a gentleman since I’ve been an adult, but being on GAG and seeing what the guys say makes it a very humbling experience when a man who isn’t afraid to be a man talks to me, doesn’t even have to be out of interest. Reading the things guys say on here about how they behave and how they feel toward women has led me to appreciate the men who are still men more now.

Any other women see it as a humbling thing when a gentleman leads the way? Or do you not really pay attention to what the GAG guys say?
What about guys? Do you consider it a humbling experience when you meet a woman who is traditionally raised and has been taught to please her man?
Obviously it’s not even supposed to be like this and everything is messed up now - everybody hating each other, but that’s kind-of what makes it humbling: the rarity...
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The question is not what you incel guys think a gentleman is. It's whether you are humbled by when this happens to you. Your pointless arguments to cover up for yourself are, well... pointless. Doesn't answer the question nor change my mind
Does anybody else feel humbled by this?
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