How do I get close to him?

I've liked this guy for 3 years. The first year we took the bus together everyday but never really talked...and he was in my class. The second year we took the bus every day but he now knew a lot more about me. Year 3, first half: We stopped taking the same bus so we barely saw each other. Year 3, 2nd half: we have elective together and he ties the bus with me again. But it seems as if we took 2 steps backwards. He now sits next to me on the bus and walks with me until he gets to his 2nd bus stop. How do I get closer to him to the point where he wants to walk me home and give me my goodnight(/day) kiss?


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  • Just show your interest in him, talk to him, be a litle touchy feely (ex, light hitting, brush of hands) and just act happy to talk to him. Keep the contact going and suggest him walk you home, take a little initiative if you like this guy so much and go get him.


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