Why's everything a competition with her?

There's this girl I hang out with and every time I say something about myself she always tries to one up me in some way. I'll say "I curl my hair and the curl stays for about two hours max haha" she would reply, "I curl my hair it stays for the full day." It's little petty stuff and it's not even a competition in my head. I share random facts about myself and she always tries to out-do me in some way. Why?

I asked my mom (we're close) and she said she's jealous of me because I'm attractive & she's not and I get a lot of attention. She does this to feel she's better than me. (insecurity)

But isn't that what all mom say?...So give me the real reason.

Why does she keep doing this when I always go out of my way to be nice to her and compliment her so I can stop her "competition" game and I just don't like drama.

Although in return she has been even more rude and inconsiderate lately when I'm being very nice.

Which is another thing I don't get.


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  • She Is Simply Jealous ! The Good Thing Is That Your Not Letting It Get To You . She Just Does That To Sound Cool Which It Doesnt .

    • Oh okay. Yeah actually it is getting to me but I'm not showing it or letting her know that (I don't like drama). Yeah I guess I should just ignore her now...

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    • Lol I like your sassyness.

    • Hahaa ! Thanks (: People At My School Consider Me A Bxtch , I Was Like Its Not That I'm A Bxtch Its Just That I Speak My Mind

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  • she is probably jealous. I have had a good bit of friend that later in a friendship suddenly made our friendship a competition. there are several ways to handle it but the best two are: you can be straight with them. sometime they have something they want to say but will not that is causing them to be like that or you can stop hanging with them and see if they care or will they throw away there friendship cause their pride.

  • That probably has a lot of truth to it. I hate those types of people, they need to get bitchslapped lol

    • Haha yeah it does make me mad at the end of day but I just try to be nicer the next day for some reason...? lol idk

      I'm not really a mean person but I think I need to be because I think I'm only selling myself short while she's getting all the benefits of me being nice.

    • Exactly, just put her on the spot next time she does that and let her know how stupid it is.

  • Are you sure she's the one who's competing? I mean, she might just be self-centric and not just competitive - meaning if she just states the information and doesn't actually care about being more, then you're the one seeing things into it.

    However, if she really IS competing, then the urge to feel better than others most possibly shows that she is hiding self-esteem issues.

    • Yeah I know she's competing because I'll say one thing about myself within the conversation and she says the same thing but adds something that makes her better. We could talk about hair, clothes, games, and so on. She doesn't do this with anyone else just me.

      She stops this ONLY when I say something she can't refute (like a fact that she can't compare herself to me with) then she just looks away & mumbles something under her breath. That's how I know she's trying to compete.

    • & If she doesn't mumble something she'll say "I don't care!"

      I used to sit there and be dumb-founded as to why she says "she doesn't care" about something I said that wasn't serious. Then I thought she may be doing this all out of insecurity which made more sense.

    • Insecurity indeed. She wants to be better than you. As I said, self-esteem issues.

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