First date stories...tell me some?

I am starting to write a novel and my character is going to be on a hunt to Mr Right however she won't be luck... she will met lots of Mr Wrong...


What I need FROM YOU

is some ideas...could be yours or not, could be from a movie

1- How did you meet him/her

example: He was my brother's friend and ask me out

or I meet him in the supermarket

2-where was the date?

3-why was it bad?

4-What did you talk about?

5- How did you get rid of him?

6-Why did you accept the date in the first place?

If you want to share a story yours or not send me a message, anything will be good for me as a research

  • Most of my first dates don't lead to a second
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  • Most of my first dates leads to a second or more
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What Guys Said 1

  • 1) In a class at my school

    2) Movie theater , we went and saw Inception

    3) We held hands , they went numb so we had to let go.

    4) I forget , school and freinds . It was last summer

    5) I didn't , were still going out

    6) Because she was a very nice girl , not to mention very pretty.

    Yes this is a personal story not from a movie lol.


What Girls Said 1

  • so I was at a Christmas party with my best friend, but I didn't know anyone there (im homeschooled), and as I was meeting new people, I see this guy. so he was literally the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my entire life! words can't even describe it. so I decided to introduce myself. he told me his name was david and we talked for hours. then he asked for my number and asked me if I wanted to go sometime, so I said yes.

    so Saturday comes and we are going out to dinner. it was so amazing at first, he was a total gentlemen, opened the door for me, pulled out my chair, told me I was beautiful ect. so we are just there having a great time, and then the food comes. he ordered ribs, which first of all was kind of disgusting for me because I'm vegan and he knew that. so he started eating and I could not believe my eyes! he was the most disgusting guy I have ever seen! he grabbed the ribs with both his HANDS, not even just his fingers, and ate with like his whole face. he even accidentally flicked some BBQ sauce at me, and he coughed with his mouth full, and I got a chuck of chewed meat on my face and one on my hair! he also talked with his mouth stuffed. when he was done with half of it his face was covered in sauce. I couldn't believe someone like him was that disgusting. it was a shame really. then to top it all off he told me he had forgotten his wallet at home but didn't go back to get it because he didn't want to keep me waiting, so he told me I should pay! I said I had to go to the bathroom, and when he turned around I ran like the wind out of that place! I called my best friend and told her I needed a ride home. worse date of my life.