He is giving me mixed signals?

I was talking to a guy that I had something with last year lol I don’t wanna get into it but there’s been some flirting. I’ve been trying not to get sexual because there’s been some issues with that in the past and I don’t want that to be a priority for him

the convo has been progressing nicely.

I thought I was talking to much once and told him and he said he fw it. He uses a lot of emojisHe seems interested but like I said I’m keeping my guard up because I’m hoping he’s just not in it for sex, but he hasn’t brought it up since we started talking again. we were talking about languages and I said “everyone knows I want to go to Italy and every time I hear someone speak French I’m like 😍” That was verbatim what I said And he answered and was like “I just want to go to Italy for the soccer, food, and clothes 😂” and then he said “oui” which is obviously french lol. I assumed he was flirting but wasn't sure. The next day I just expected us to pick up where we left off but he didn't answer my text that I sent until 8 the next day. he has a job but its kinda annoying because I thought we were flirting. When he answered, he said something funny and put some laughing emojis. Like I said I think he's interested but I don't know. Today he answered around 6 so he might be working and stuff I didn’t answer him for 3 hours I wasn’t on my phone and his text was like a paragraph with a question and a few laughing emojis so he seems interested!! I just wish he’d tell me he was at work or something. I know were not together but it confuses me because when he answers, it seems like he is interested based on his messages but he just takes so long to answer.
He is giving me mixed signals?
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