Don’t know what’s going on lol?

Guys if you can please help me to understand what goes on your minds that would be great LOL (and girls are welcome to help too).

So there’s this guy that I have mutual friends with and have known for years now, we have bumped into a few times on nights out. We also talk all the time on Instagram and we ‘nearly’ had a date a few years back. We have been messaging again recently and we were just generally chatting and he asked to see me and insisted that I pick the date. I’m off work for a bit now (teacher) so I said I was free whenever and he should pick to which he said no you’re the birthday girl so you pick and I will make sure that day is free for you. I said fine ok Saturday? As in this Saturday coming up and he was like yeah sure. He then messaged me the day after (this Monday just gone) and said can I confirm with you whether I am working on Saturday or not and I said sure as it’s work and I couldn’t really get annoyed although he did insist that I choose and he will free a day which is annoying because this is what I meant by I’m not working at the moment and you are so you pick 🙄 lol but anyway.. it has now been 2 days and we have been talking about other stuff but he has still not mentioned whether he is free on Saturday or not? Is he not interested? Did he just ask me out for the sake of it? Really confused. Also I don’t want to be the one that says so are you working on Saturday? As I might look too keen and desperate.
Don’t know what’s going on lol?
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