Met a girl recently, advice?

Ok I met a girl on an online dating site. I have never used one of these sites before, but I thought, what the heck, why not? Anyway lo and behold a girl messaged me concerning her interest in getting to know me more. She lives in the same area as I do so I know it will be no problem meeting her for a date, but I mean, should I give her my number right off the bat or wait till we talk some more? Should I keep using the site as a method of contact or should I ask to exchange email addresses? Also, I know she is a real person, turns out a friend of mine knows who she is.


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  • hell yeah man! I've met a few of my ex's on dating sites. One thing I keep in mind when I meet a cute girl in my general area is that I try to not be as assertive than with a girl that lives a long way away from me.

    Its very smart to get e-mail addresses, because if you or she isn't a subscriber to the dating site they'll cut off your communication to her. So a e-mail address would be a nice first approach.

    Show her how much of a charmer you are, and there's no way she'll turn you down from a date. Give it a week of messaging before you mention when to take her out. Who knows, maybe she's the one that will ask you out.

    As for a phone number, it depends on how well she opens up to you. so I don't know what to tell you about that one... the only thing you can do is be a confident charming guy. If you do it right, she'll want you SO BAD.