Should I text a guy even if we have just started going out?

I met the guy like 2 weeks ago but we had a really nice time and have been talking for a while it has been 2 days and he is not texting me. Should I say hi and start a conversation with him or just wait to see if he texts me sometime. PLEASE HELP



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  • You must certainly start texting him just flirting and saying cute things over texting. I have no idea why you wouldn't and its an easy way to catch up everyday even if you guys don't see each other 24/7. Plus you shouldn't be shy to text him if you already hangout the hard part is starting to hang out with somebody you don't know but you know them already. By the way 2 days isn't that long he has probably kept busy. Some good tips for starting a text message are by a fuuny story that happened to you ect.

  • As a general rule, I try to only contact guys first the same amount of times that they contact me first until we are talking so much that we can't keep track anymore or until we are in some sort of defined relationship.