Why did a guy ignore me then a week later text again?

I met a guy at a party about a month ago and we texted on and off. He was very very laid back and we both texted each other first-so it was not just me. He was only sometimes engaged in the conversation through text and he occasionally drunk texted me. We live about an hour and a half apart so I don't think I am a booty call (I hope not- he lives in a huge college town so I don't know why he would use me as a booty call). I tried to hang out with him before (he was willing to meet up) but my friends didn't want to and he told me later that it was ok-so it was kind of an accidental blowoff.

Recently, I told him I was in town again and that if he wanted to, we could hang out. He said sure and to text him. Later that night, I asked him if he wanted to meet up in an hour and he said he wasn't back from a baseball game (it was 2 hours away) and that he would text me when he was back. A few hours later I texted him asking how far away he was, my friends were wondering, he never texted. So, I gave up and was really mad but forgot about him.

A week later, he texts me saying "Hey what's up". No sorry, or anything. I didn't text back because I was so mad.

Should I text him and tell him off? Or just leave it alone? I still kind of like him but he was being kind of rude. Is he using me as a booty call even though I live over an hour away? Why did he do this?

Thank you! :)


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  • I think your just giving him attention and he's going to take advantage of it.I say

    he really doesn't sound like he's going for anythign serious best thing to do is forget about it.

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