Did I make a mistake?

First date material here...

So this girl and I went to a game tonight, took a quick snack before the game and chatted a bit, sang songs in the car and had a blast at the said game.

I'd like to point out she was driving as my car needed to be fix. So when we got back to my home, we stayed in the car a bit (it was raining and all). We chatted some more and when it came to the goodbyes, we told each other we had a blast, but nothing else (like a hug or something like that)

I know that I probably am part of the problem here because I'm way too shy and she's actually the first girl I care enough to have asked out, thus it was my first date. I didn't want to be too aggressive but I'm afraid that I didn't come strong enough at the same time.

Just to way that we have hanged out to the movies or shows before, and we did hugged those times, but wouldn't it have been appropriate to offer her a hug after our date. I have some regrets now and wonder if there's a way to let her know I really enjoyed the time we had and hope we can get out another time. I feel like at least a hug would have showed that, but obviously, I can't get back there.

Should I text her tomorrow morning to say somethin like ''I know I'm not the most expressive person, but I just wanted to say I had a great time yesterday, hope you had too, and wonder if you'd like to hang out again this weed-end or something'' (in a more friendly, romantic way, of course)


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  • Yeah sure that sounds like a really nice text.

    Plus, don't feel bad at all, because I don't know how this specific girl is, but I have NEVER liked kissing and stuff on the first date. It just seems way to sudden and awkward. Like I want to get to know the guy for a while before anything like that happens.

    So just go with the flow. Sounds like you two have a good thing going.

    • Thanks, as you said, I don't like the kissing on the first date as I feel it's too early and a kiss should be given to someone special. But a hug shouldn't have been a big deal, right?

      Anyway, thanks for the support, it's appreciated!

    • Yeah a hug is fine, but there is always the next date :)

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  • Short answer, Yes. Do it.

    • Short and sweet! thanks

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  • text her exactly that nothing more ! always go with the first thought, just review that first thought first ,like you just did, go get er killer,lol...