I text/call/IM my long distance girl every day... I stopped, she hasn't contacted me in a while?

Long story short. I felt weird because I would initiate a conversation between me and my long distance girlfriend every day, text her or call her, skype her or something, and she didn't seem to mind in the least, we'd talk for a few hours, mostly joking around, she seems to enjoy it, as do I. I was just curious why it was always me who started the conversation, so I decided not to, to see how long until she contacted me. Its been 4 or 5 days, and I Haven't heard from her. Is there a cliche of saying guy should always contact girl first?

Just to clarify, I'm not clingy at all. I text her every day because I just enjoy talking to her during my down time, and we're really good friends. I'm just curious why she talks to me every day when I start, but when I don't I don't hear a thing from her


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  • She got used to you initiating contact. She probably is wondering why you haven't contacted her. She just might feel self-concious about starting conversations because she's afraid she'll seem clingy. I'm afraid to text my boyfriend when we're not at college because I'm worried I'll be bothering him, or interrupting something, or sound desperate. She's used to you being the one to say it's okay to talk and she doesn't want to mess that balance up.

    • Hmm, that does sound a bit like her. she does get afraid that I think she's clingy or jealous sometimes, but it doesn't seem right that she wouldn't talk to me for this long. I think we're more comfortable with each other then that.

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    • @zombiefood the record, I was in a relationship much like the one you are in. She just got used to me initiating contact. it made me feel like sh*t. I felt like if she really liked me, she would initiate sometimes instead of being so... passive. If you value this guy I strongly recomend you try to initiate at least once a week. He will appreciate it. Trust me.m

    • When we're on vacation I text him about once every other day if I don't hear from him. But as it stands we go to the same college so we basically live together. I just always feel worried that I'm giving a bad impression or he's just getting frustrated with how much I'm talking to him when he's having time to himself.

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