He taking a break from his gf?

Recently the guy I like(not crazy for) told me he and his girlfriend is taking a break. So we started to talk and texting again. He just recently told me he have a crush on me. so we text a lot lately. he told me he wants to get in a relationship with me. is it okay too get in a relationship with someone who just recently is on a break...

I asked him if he still love his girlfriend, he reply he does but she doesn't know if she does. I told him well since you still love her I don't want to feel like a rebound or someone for you to talk while she is still thinking what's going on with your guys relationship. Go back and ask her to stay with you, if not we shouldn't rush things lets just stay like this till you know what is really going on with your relationship.


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  • I agree with rachiee :) you have to be very careful in this situation because it may lead to a broken heart. He is on a "break", try to find out why & listen to what he says. If he tries to avoid it, it means that he isn't being completely honest and if he talks bad about her, it MAY be that it was his fault, or he still has feelings for her. He may be looking for a rebound girl or someone to pass the time with while they patch things up. Give it time girl & try to figure out the whole situation first before jumping into a relationship. It sounds like its complicated already. I bet you can do better than him :)


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  • A break doesn't mean broken up. It pretty much means "I want to be with you but I also want to hook up with other girls with it not being cheating." Wait it out with him. Talk to him more and get to know him more before you jump into anything. In my opinion he's just trying to date you to sleep with you then go back to his girlfriend. If he was serious about you then he would break off things completely with her and focus on you. I definitely wouldn't jump into anything just yet.

  • No girl just stay friends, or forget about him. He is probably keeping you as plan B, you know like "i'm with you until I figure out things with her, if its good with her, then I'll leave you for her"...You're going to end up with a broken heart because it seems like he is toying with you. You can do better. don't settle for this type of treatment. A better guy will come along :)

    • yeah we just talked again I feel like crap x.x he is gonna go see her see if things gonna work out. if doesn't then idk...bt I think if it doesn't he is just gonna turn around come talk to me blah ASS HOE! x.x

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    • imma forget about him. like nothing happen. ill take your advice for the future. ty so much. <3

    • no prob, glad I can help..Good luck!