How to ask classmate?

I go to college, and see this girl I'm interested in couple of times a week. The problem I barely get a chance alone with her, because the way the class is setup. However she sits right next to me, on my right, and was wondering if anyone had an idea of how I can possibly ask her out for lunch or something. Not even sure if she has a boyfriend either. The semester is almost done and I don't want to regret not trying. I want to do it without sounding, or looking creepy.


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  • Write her a note! Grade school style! Like hey, lunch later? Something chill, yet the note of it will be kinda cute and get across the pic that you are kinda into her.

    I'd fall for it, but I'm a nerd. (:

  • Just be cool keep it light and comfortable and just casually ask her if she's up for meeting for lunch, and I wouldn't be too concerned about asking in front of your classmates, it would only show her that your confident and all girls love a bit of confidence. If she rebuffs, don't look like a kicked puppy just laugh it off and make a lighthearted joke of it . She won't think any less of you at the end of the day and you'll always know that you tried :)


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