Do I give up or try one more time?

Me and this girl went out a week ago and have been messaging back and forth a little since then. We both have been very busy with school the last week. I sent her a text, so I would disturb her to much before one of our school things, asking if we could have dinner after. I got no response, until the next night when sent a text saying she had forgotten to respond because of school (which I believe, like I said its been very busy and stressful) and asking how school went for me. I sent a text back, but got no response. I seen her at school a couple of days later and she seemed flirty. So I tried calling her the next day, but she did not pick up. I feel like she is telling one thing but when I try to set up another date she is just ignoring me and I am just really confused.

So should I try once more or just give up and move on?

Thanks in advance!


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  • You tried enough, now I think you should just sit back, act like your moving on with the things you need to do and see if she comes to you. You made it apparent that you want to see her again, and she knows that. So if she is interested in seeing you again she'll call or send a text asking what your doing and if you wanna hangout sometime I'm sure.


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  • You don't want to seem desperate by being the one who is initiating the calls all the time. Its time for her to show that she is genuinely interested. You constantly asking her could be a turn off to a girl cause it starts too sound like your begging. So reframe from calling/textin her so much. Back off and see if she wil come to you. That's how you will really know if she is into or not. So why isn't she pickin up or returning calls? Bc she may not be that into you and when she sees you in person she is different but may not want things to go further with you.


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  • You already tried. If she was interested she will put in some effort & if she doesn't then you have your answer. But don't ask her anymore. Sounds to me like the beginning of a chase so you don't want a girl like that anyways.

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