Whats going on with her? she always say we shall talk later?

this girl and I hav been getting on well, we hav been talkin on phone for quite a while, but nowawadays, when I call her she says that she's busy doing something and that we shall talk later, but we never really talk, she always says " am kindof doing something right now but we shall talk later", she has said this to me a couple of manytimes, but we hav never really talked. what 's the problem here, did I do something wrong? if I did something wrong what cud it possibly be?


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  • It's tough to tell without more info...maybe she started likin you or somethin it's hard for her to talk to you for a long time because she gets nervous...or maybe she's tryin to tell you she's not interested in anything by tryin to come off as annoyed...idk though without more info

    • when ever I called her we used to talk quite well, tilll I started not calling back immediately after she has called, I would take like even a few days then I call her, then she also started not to pick up my calls, because whenever I called with another number she would pick up, that's when she started saying we shall speak later but, never really speak

    • hmm then it seems like she just started getting tired of waitin and felt like she got left hangin so now she's leavin you hangin...i could be wrong but that's all I can think of right now