If you ask so you don't like me anymore?

and they say no this whole thing just turned me off.- does that mean they do like you but theyre turned off?


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  • It means that the argument/situation which happened has made them cautious about "liking you"... I.e. if you were recently in a fight with your boyfriend, and he said that, it means he still likes you but is a bit disturbed by the fight.

    Most people do go through this from time to time, because we always "Expect" the worst out of a situation - it's as if we expect the other person to always betray us, because of our past. Think about it, can you really "trust" most of your ex's..? I know that I can't, and it's made me a little biased towards trusting new people in my life.. So every time I have a "fight" I'm almost expecting things to go sour, even if it's not a conscious thought, I still FEEL that things will go bad eventually, which makes me start to pull away from giving 110% of what I could (like when I get into a "new" relationship")..

    My advice - be a little more caring and patient, eventually things will come back around.

    ~ ArtistBBoy

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    • weve been rocky for a month... it all started when we went to far sexually, then I was turned off and didn't text him a lot, then I cussed him out cause he said he didn't want to go to prom w me then he thought I didn't like him...then we had this fight and he said he thinks we should just move on and finish... do you still have the same answer?

    • Sounds like he's reacting to your feelings for him, cause most guys will "turn away" when they feel that things are going sour (just like you are doing about your assumptions).. So my advice is still the same, work on things, be caring and patient and work on your own life. If he comes around and starts showing you some attention, do the same back and start working towards a relationship rather than against it.

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