Would you keep contact and wait for someone you never met in person?

my question to anyone reading this is,.. would you have high expectations of someone whom you met through an internet dating site. considering that you have (know through) email (never cell or skype), though have pictures of them. also because I'm a student I can't travel to see them, though they have no family commitments they have not made an effort to come see me...(money should not be an issue as they are a number of years older and are employed, though have recently become seriously ill, yet won't listen to any suggestion which I bring forth (they say they are open to ideas, but they don't take action in doing anything about it ). That is the only way I have or know how to help. So I'm getting to the point, that I really care about this person but am I wasting my time and energy on them, as lately they are making less effort in keeping contact, yet they say that they love me (I know ) people will say crazy having never spent time together), but I would like an honest opinions please, important dates people should spend together he just has an excuse for not contacting me, internet problems, working late, not feeling well, if he does, it is almost midnight (we are on a notable time difference, meaning I don't read it until the next day ). or days without hearing from him and its "sorry babe"...i don't think he knows the meaning of the word any more. should I cut all ties and possibly leave him heartbroken (because I am shy in person, not loud or obnoxious, good looking but am soon on summer holidays from college and won't be seeing or doing much for the summer due to lack of money and being far away from friends)...Please Help!


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  • I would not the internet is a scary place and I would not take my chances. Have you seen that one movie Catfish?..if you haven't watch it.

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