The awkwardness between me and my friend is killing me, how do I fix this?

Title may sound weird but something happened not too long ago, like a few weeks back. A female friend of mine for 2 years now has known I've liked her for about a year now and 2 months ago she admitted she liked me back but was afraid my feelings changed (they didn't, if anything they got stronger the more we talked). Told her exactly that and we discussed how things would work if we were to be in a relationship because either one of us has to travel 3 hours by train to see each other, and we talked about her previous relationships that were shitty experiences. So fast forward to a few weeks back, first text in the morning, she said she wanted "to take the risk to start dating", to be honest that was a red flag and I should've asked more about it but out of excitement I didn't. Nothing really changed in either our ways of behaviour towards each other since it wasn't like we weren't already at the stage of random flirting/complimenting each other. We were on a call almost all day and at night she told me to ignore her text from that morning. I asked what changed and she simply said that she "didn't want to lose her status as single", which is weird to me since (as far as I know) it's not like she's talking to other guys. Ever since then talking to her has been tough since she either has short answers or no answers at all when i do text her. Anyway, any help with how to start a conversation with her would be appreciated at this point since I really don't want to lose her as a friend.
The awkwardness between me and my friend is killing me, how do I fix this?
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