Texted a guy about hanging out?

i just think of him as a friend. yea we've hooked up, and the last time we hung we just cuddled on the couch.

um, he said we were friends. so I texted him, I don't do it often, I know he's not a big texter... maybe I should have called.

i thought he was out of town, and when I found out he wasn't I asked "we haven't kicked it, why?" is that a sign of me being needy?

I'm just hopeful that he doesn't think I like him more than a friend, maybe someone to occasionally hook up with. I know I should cut my losses, but I'm worried that I've screwed up a possible friendship.

i know I think to much, but... I've gotten mixed signals, so ... I don't know what to think. if he has another chick around, that's great.. but I wish I knew what I'd done. should I text back and say "it's a joke, I know you're busy."?

and I normally don't pay attention to when and how long it takes to text people back...but I feel I've done something, since the response right before my screw up text was pretty quick.


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  • You sound like you like him more than friend. But that seems like an odd approach to ask if you'd like to chill. To make it clear you don't want him and just want to hang out you may want to talk to him in person or call him. If I were the guy I'd feel much better you calling me than texting me.

    • well do you think it's ok? he's told me he's not a big texter...but I feel as though calling may be more intrusive.

      i do like him... I'm hoping that it's a phase, but I'm not sure. the other people I've hooked up with in similar situations I've had no feelings for whatsoever. this is new and different.

      i'm afraid that I've pretty much blown it, and he's leaving for the summer anyway, so it's not like anything can happen... but I'd like to hang with him before he goes away.

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    • If you see him in person almost daily that would be a better Time to ask him because you know you aren't being intrusive and you'll be able to convey that you do/don't want a relationship much better than over the phone.

    • we're no longer working... so I don't see him at all anymore. I'm really thinking, that if he wanted to talk to me, he'd call me... and that I should really just take the hint.

      but the other part of me, REALLY, wants to know what the hell I've done wrong. if he's got some other chick to hang with, good for him... but I just feel like sh*t that I've done something ...

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