Should I just go out with this guy who asked me or should I not?

im on a strict time limit :(

problem: I met this guy a few days ago and he seems nice and he's cute, and he asked me out on a double date and I don't know what to do because I've already been talking to a different guy for a month or two, we really hit it off when we met each other. he goes to school in colorado and I live in arizona, he's from arizona and I went to high school with him, and moving back here in 3 months to go to my college, and he comes back to visit in 2 weeks, we seem to both like each other but I don't know. he said he likes me but I don't know. and I don't want to go out with this guy and end up liking him and like the other guy when he gets back home and not know what to do. should I just go out with this guy who asked me or should I not? he told me he thinks I'm cool, and I think he is. but I also like the other guy but I've only hung out with him a couple times so far but we talk on the phone all day and all night and have a lot in common. HELP! I don't want to make a mistake. we're all 22 years old, if that makes a difference. there are good things about both of them.

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please anyone ?


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  • 1 date with the new guy doesn't mean you're going out with him.

    However, what you should do is just not date either until you sort out your feelings. Once you figure out which guy you like more, choose them.

    • Hey, I gave you an answer :\

    • sorry ha ha there's something wrong with my laptop and every time I refreshed it kept doing that I didn't even notice it there for a while :(

    • weird, try closing the page entirely and opening it again. Probably cached problem.

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  • ditto on what Superwoman said

  • can't you go on dates with both of them? it's not like you're in committed relationships with either one of them. just think of it as hanging out with friends.