How much dates should you go on before you have your first kiss?

okay so I'm kind of new to this whole dating thing. and there's this guy that I really like and we met up on sat. but everything was going really good and then he tried and kissed me. once I didn't kiss back he quickly apologized. now I know that there are some statistics about a girl who kisses on a first date and I would like to know how much times should I wait until I kiss him? I want him to respect me and understand I'm not one of these easy girls. and between us>>>> that was going to be my first kiss.


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  • if a date goes well you kiss at the end, if it doesn't you dont. that's the general rule of thumb


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  • I went out with my ex boyfriend about 5 times before I kissed him because he didn't have the guts. :))

    But then I kissed a guy at a party and we got together the next day, so it wasn't even a date.

    Really, I think that the second or the third date should be fine if you're comfortable with it. It just depends on you. If you want to kiss him, do it. If you're into him and you really like him, just go with the flow. Don't worry so much about it. Hope it'll be fine.

    ps: the fact that he apologized shows that he respects you, in the first place.

    Take care.