He never texts me like that, but he does always find ways to talk to me but it's always at a time when I'm busy! I need help! What do I do?

I'm 16 just keep that in mind. I'm just a normal person but supposedly to others I'm a spoiled rich daddy's girl that never does anything by herself. But to him, I'm the most amazing girl ever. Anyways, this kid, my age, would text me how he wants to cuddle with me and kiss and hug me. I thought it was sweet and now I really really REALLY like him! Except he never texts me like that but he does always find ways to talk to me but it's always at a time when I'm busy! Like in church. Anyways, now he likes fondles this girl like he used to do with me. What should I do?


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  • We guy's get bored really fast and move on.

    Think of it like a game of Chess.

    The guy makes He's move, then you keep on skipping your move, he will get bored really easy and just move on to another player that doesn't skip a turn and fights back.

    Just move on with your life.

    Sooner or later he will get bored and seek a new player.


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  • He moved on, you should too. When a guy moves on to a new girl, it's pretty tough to bring him back around.

    • Yes, It will be very tough to bring him back around.

      He already know's how you play at the game at chess.

      He wouldn't even try or think about coming back you for being a lousyplayer.

      Sorry but it's the truth.

    • Ok, I can dig a long chess metaphor. At least it makes sense.

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  • Get used to it. Sorry for the semi-hateful response (LOL).

    He is young and horny, whether it is with you or another female, he will get what he wants.

    It takes time to develop a true trust and bond. Be careful who you "cuddle" with, if you want a lasting relationship (with a guy you really like). If you just want to cuddle once in a while and you don't care what else the guy does, then go for it with him (and anyone else). It is your life.

    I would suggest to remain friends with this guy and see how he acts with other females (since he does talk to you). If he is jumping around, then you will be glad you two are only friends. If on the the other hand he is not cuddling with other women, or talking to them (saying he wants to kiss, etc.) the way he did with you, then be there for him if he wants more (more than a cuddle buddy).