I need help. How to talk to college guys in the library?

if I find a guy studying for finals in the library, how do I connect with him? what can I do? should I do anything or should I just leave it?


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  • If you approach someone studying in the library for finals, there is really only two ways it could go down. One, he is extremely miffed, because he's stressed out about finals and someone starts interrupting his focus, distracting him and preventing him from getting the time alone he needed. He'll look at you as a bad influence for disrupting him during an important time.

    Two, he's looking for distraction to keep him sane. You're the perfect distraction from his studies, and spends most of the night talking with you. You two bond in the time because he'll change all his focus from his studies (that he's avoiding) to you. Then after finals you two already have the connection to start on.

    • Definitely this. It's a gamble as to whether your approach would be welcome. If you want to increase your chances of not being a disturbance, try somewhere more casual, like a coffee shop, and find guys who aren't studying so intensely. You're also less likely to get shushed in a coffee shop than a library.

  • Honestly I'd leave it alone, when I'm in the library I am focused and in the zone, and the last thing I'd want is for someone to bother me, I can't imagine it being much different for guys...