Dating for 5 months, should there be more?

OK I've been dating this girl for 5 months now and I like her and I think she likes me but I asked her after 3 months to be my girlfriend and she told me she likes what we have right now and she want to take her time and I was OK with that, I saw that she has gone on some dating sites and stuff about 2 weeks ago and my best friend got her number from the one site when he asked for it, I know before he did it. Should I ask her to be my girlfriend or what I like her a lot and I gave her a key to my car and my car is my baby, I want a commitment from her and I know she got hurt in the past. We only kiss 2 time but when were out we stay together and hug and stuff. I don't know what to do this is my first real relationship.


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  • Two months have passed since you last asked her. You could just ask if she has put any more thought into being serious with you. If she yes and it is good news (well then good). If she says either no, or yes but it isn't good, then start dating other girls. You can keep dating her, but find at least one or two other girls to date. This will occupy your time and make her wonder and it will make you not think as much about her. It might be hard at first, but you will be getting to know other females. You may find you like a different girl just as much and she really likes you too.

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      If you do this make sure to tell her you're seeing other girls

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    • it would most likely turn her off competely

      What does that matter?

      I was talking about respect.

      Even if you're casually seeing a guy/girl you tell them about others so there's no confusion.

      Just because they're not committed doesn't mean he can disrespect her.

    • We both disagree on many issues it seems (dating, bonding, relationships, honesty, committment). It's OK. The asker is getting good info. to reflect on. I believe that if you are not in a committment, then it is OK to date others. I personally do not feel the need to know about the dates any guys I am dating go on. THAT would turn me off. I would not feel the need to ask about it. I usually date very attractive men. If I am not being asked to commit, it is most likely they are playing the fiield

  • I want a commitment from her

    Why the commitment?

    What will commitment bring you?

    • i don't think I can move fowered with the relationship with out the commitment. why should I put my shelf out there and have her holding back from me

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    • The bond, trust and communication are not the same (at all). These are all keys to a successful relationship (between two people that love each other as a couple). If you want just a friendship, yeah, you can bond, but there is a deeper bond between two people who agree to see only each other, etc. This is a step toward an even stronger relationship. If that is what he wants then he has a right to have it :-) Otherwise, stay and be sad (like a puppy waiting at home for its master). Good luck.

    • He can have an exclusive, affectionate, bonding relationship without commitment.

      People's definition of committment differs.

      When he says commitment she could be thinking something.

      That's why he needs to define it & see if she can do it.

      Question Asker What will commitment bring you?

      Do you want a key in exchange? A show of trust? Reassurance that she likes you?

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