Would you kiss your friend on the lips as a thank you?

I gave this guy I like a blanket and he gave me a thank you kiss, and I don't want to think much of it but people say he could've kissed me on the cheek, or it was just a peck so I shouldn't get worked up about it...

so I just wonder if it's nothing and I should overlook it.


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  • I think he probably likes you, if it was just a thank you he'd hug you, even a "thank you" peck on the cheek shows affection

    • well... right before I surprised him I said, "Yeah I showed them it and she said I better be getting more than a huge." So when I gave it to him, he leaned in for a hug but I was like, "Oh... I don't get more than that?"

      Does that change your answer?

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    • I told him I should definitely get more than a hug since the gift will blow his mind. When I gave it to him, he leaned in for a hug but I said, "oh... don't I get more than a hug?" then he kissed me.

    • i still think he likes you he is just a little shy maybe and needed some encouragement

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  • Wow if it's someone your not close with and there's no such thing as more than friends than there is something else going on here, he's probably crushin on you and is having second thoughts about giving you back your blanket lol